Schematron validator setup

After XML ValidatorBuddy has been installed, it is possible to do Schematron validation with a single click. Usually there is no need to manually configure any of the options described below. Please note that XML ValidatorBuddy requires a recent version of the Java Runtime environment for Schematron validation.
The standard method of Schematron validation uses XSL stylesheets to transform the Schematron .sch files into XSL. This XSL output of the first stage is then applied to the XML instance. XML ValidatorBuddy supports two different XSL paths for Schematron 1.5 and ISO Schematron. The installer already puts an ISO stylesheet into the installation folder in the \Schematron\isoXSL subfolder:
If you want to provide a different XSL or the path is not filled you can change here the stylesheets which are used for ISO and 1.5 Schematron schemas. XML ValidatorBuddy detects the schema version automatically by the namespace.
Handling of includes
To support includes the tool also allows to set a pre-process stylesheet. This stylesheet will be applied to embed any referenced external schema files into a single XSL. The resulting XSL is then used to validate the XML instance. Please check the "Includes pre-process step" to enable includes in Schematron. The pre-process step also needs the path to an XSL to resolve the references. Please set this path in the "XSL:" edit field. You can use the "..." browse button to get a standard file selection dialog.
If you don't have a custom includes pre-process stylesheet yourself you can download a working XSL at: iso_dsdl_include.xsl This XSL has been written by Rick Jelliffe, the founder of Schematron.
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