All your JSON schemas are belong to us – Get access to

You want easy and built-in access to all JSON schemas available from in your JSON editor? Then you need to download and use JSONBuddy 4.2.

Once you have installed the latest version of JSONBuddy, any JSON instance document which matches the filename pattern of any schema available at will be assigned automatically to this schema. This means you get instant editing support with entry-helper windows and auto-completion, a list of valid properties and additional schema information. There are currently 110 JSON schema files available at and they are getting more and more.

And of course, you can also jump to the definition of the current property in the schema with a single click. The related JSON schema will be loaded directly from the Web and displayed in the editor.

You want to browse the list of schema entries and learn from the schemas at No problem, use the new “Open from JSON schema library…” dialog to get a list of available schemas:

Open from JSON schema library dialog

Open from JSON schema library dialog

Use this dialog to open any schema from You can save the schema to your local hard disk afterwards.

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