How to split a really large XML file

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Sometimes people need to copy parts from an existing huge XML or text document into a new and smaller file. With XML ValidatorBuddy you can load, view and edit really large XML (and other text) files using the Large File editor window. Here are the simple steps:

  1. Just open the document in XML ValidatorBuddy.
  2. Depending on your settings and the size of the file, the editor will ask you to load the content in the Large File editor window.
  3. Select the parts of the document you want to copy in the view. Here is something to consider: The whole document is not available at once. Therefore a copy-all operation only puts the currently loaded lines into the clipboard.
  4. Create a new document in XML ValidatorBuddy with Ctrl-N.
  5. Paste the content of the clipboard into the new file.

Although these steps are quite obvious you need to consider that the huge file is never loaded completely into the application. So it is not possible to select a range which exceeds the currently available text buffer. In this case, simply select until you reach the end of the buffer. Paste the first part into the new document, go back to the Large File editor window and scroll until new lines are loaded. Repeat to copy-paste from the huge document until you have everything you wanted also in the new file.

As you know, you can also edit and modify XML, JSON or any other text files in XML ValidatorBuddy even if they have a size of several GBs.


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