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All your JSON schemas are belong to us – Get access to schemastore.org

You want easy and built-in access to all JSON schemas available from schemastore.org in your JSON editor? Then you need to download and use JSONBuddy 4.2. Once you have installed the latest version of JSONBuddy, any JSON instance document which matches the filename pattern of any schema available at schemastore.org will be assigned automatically to this schema. This means you… Read more »

JSON validator and viewer as Android App

JSON schema validator

JSON on Android? Yes, there are a few apps available on the Google Play store, but as far as I can see there is not a single app available that also supports JSON schema validation. So how about putting the JSON validator available in JSONBuddy in an Android App? At the moment you can do the following things: Open and… Read more »

Text of JSON schema specification available in JSONBuddy

JSON schema help text

Do you know all of the JSON schema specification by heart? I guess nobody knows it and there should also be no reason to know it if you are using the right JSON editor. JSONBuddy now displays the text of the JSON schema specification for every keyword if you hover the mouse over it: The JSON schema specification is well… Read more »

JSON Schema editing – An introduction

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auto completion for json schema

You might have noticed that JSON has become a quite popular text format over the last years. Especially for everyone who is working in a Java environment. But how do you check your JSON instance documents in a convenient and standardized way like you can do for any XML file? For this purpose JSON Schema was introduced. In order to… Read more »

Coming next: JSON Schema documentation

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POI JSON schema tree diagram

To extend the support for the JSON standard, JSONBuddy will get a brand new view to parse and display any JSON schema as a good looking and clearly arranged tree diagram. The screen-shot below shows the POI (point of interest) JSON schema as it is partly displayed in the new view: The first version allows to fully expand and collapse tree… Read more »

New features for the free Command Line XML parser

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Get a detailed error report on XML validation Until today the free XML Validator Buddy shell tool, which uses the Xerces parser internally, only reported if the XML instance is valid or not. This has changed with the latest release 3.2.2 of the XML command line tool. Now it is also possible to get a detailed error report with the… Read more »

Custom XML validation and targetNamespace

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This post explains how to run the XML validator to use a specific schema in XML ValidatorBuddy to check XML. If you use the “Validate against a specific Schema…” functionality of XML ValidatorBuddy the editor looks for a schemaLocation or noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute in the XML instance file. The validator also checks the selected schema if any targetNamespace is defined. If a schemaLocation or noNamespaceSchemaLocation… Read more »